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I have RSD, triggered by a knee replacement operation that I had several years ago. I was misdiagnosed for almost three years and tried everything for the pain that western medicine had to offer. Nothing worked.

When I first went to Dr. Pedro, I was down to 100 pounds. My heart rate was very high. I had severe cold sweats and was hospitalized three times for constipation. I suffered for almost three years, Dr. Pedro got me better in five weeks.

Insurance does not cover this program currently, and that’s a shame. Dr. Pedro has put years of time, effort and research into this therapy.  If you are in the pain that I was in, you know that you can not put a price on living pain free. His treatment is non-invasive and is a better way. This program works. I am 100% better.

I am so very grateful that I found Dr. Pedro. He is one of the most compassionate doctors that I ever met. He took his time. He worked with me. He was hands-on. Because of Dr. Pedro and his treatment, I have hope of getting my life back and becoming an athlete again. Thank you Dr Pedro and staff.


Kim Lohnes Aglietti

Patient, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

I came to RI Integrated Medicine on February 10, 2017, 14 months post concussion. My symptoms were overall getting worse. Most notably diplopia, blurred vision and headaches were the worst. I had already done the tried and true treatments for concussion, like rest, physical therapy, and symptom management with medications. I had seen a concussion specialist, a therapist, and even tried acupuncture. Two different ophthalmologists had ruled out anything physically wrong with my eyes. I had prism lenses prescribed by a neuro ophthalmologist with negligible improvement.

My first visit with Dr. Pedro was extensive and included a history, physical, and visual, vestibular and auditory measurements. Dr. Pedro was able to pinpoint where the concussion had occurred and a treatment plan was devised. It would be approximately 5 weeks in duration and then a re-evaluation exam. His approach to therapeutic treatment involves a program that he has pioneered using cortical integrative therapy. It is non-invasive and is based on external stimulation of the brain. Treatments are patient specific and use sensory stimulation to reset and restore brain balance thereby improving symptoms and producing positive outcomes for the patient.

Being a registered nurse, I decided to commit to treatment but was skeptical at the start. I had already seen many providers that yielded little improvement. His treatment lays a foundation on which he builds a system of very specific visual and spatial exercises which help to re-synchronize the brain hemispheres.

After my second week of treatment, I began noticing that I had less occurrences of double vision and my headaches had decreased in both pain level and duration. This is week 3 and I feel that I have made more progress in these three weeks than in the last 14 months since my accident occurred. This skeptic no longer questions this approach to treatment.

I feel that I am getting my life back thanks to Dr. Pedro and RI Integrated Medicine. It is unique and very different from other brain rehabilitation programs. This one works! I have approximately 2-3 weeks left of treatment and I fully expect to build upon the progress I have already made. I am a work in progress, but I am hopeful for a full recovery.

This is an exciting time as we learn more about concussion, mTBI, and post concussion symdrome, and to now have another method for treatment. This will help those of us who have come to feel that recovery is out of reach. Jean Geer

Patient, Post Concussion Syndrome

I suffered a severe concussion from a head to head hit playing basketball in 2005. My life went from the excitement of being an all-star athlete looking at a Division 1 scholarship in track and field to spending every waking moment in disabling pain, and traveling from one doctor to the next throughout the state of Pennsylvania. For 8 years, doctors had told me that I suffered from Post Concussive Syndrome and that I would continue to suffer from migraines for the rest of my life, because “that is just the way it is”. The only treatment they offered me were pills, pills, and more pills. I tried Botox shots, nerve blocks, and have I mentioned pills? From 18-20 years old I was taking anywhere from 10-30 pills a day. Very few doctors had hope for me while others told me I was crazy, that nothing was wrong with me, and that I would just have to learn to deal with my pain. Eight agonizing years later I had the opportunity to travel up to Rhode Island to consult with Dr. Pedro. I had met him a few years earlier through a mutual friend at a brain injury event and he told me then that I should come up to Rhode Island for treatment, but at that point in life, I was so disgusted with doctors that I didn’t think a cure was possible, and I had already accepted that my life would be filled with pain. Finally, I took the risk, because I thought that if he couldn’t help me, it wouldn’t have been a disappointment, it would have been expected. If he did help me, it would become the greatest thing in my life…and he did. Within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Pedro, simply by looking into my eyes and noticing the size of my pupils, he knew he could help me. After taking a few tests to confirm his thoughts, he diagnosed me. He actually diagnosed me, meaning there was something wrong with me and that I wasn’t crazy! It was hard to comprehend and understand, but in normal people terms: a part of my brain wasn’t working properly and getting the juices it needed. I was also blacking out because my heartbeat was spiking every time I stood up and the oxygen wasn’t making it to my brain. When Dr Pedro told me he could help me, I went back to my hotel room that night and cried hysterically. I was shocked, excited, nervous, and experienced many other emotions that were new to me. Then I became angry and questions started racing in my mind like: why hasn’t any other doctor in 8 years notice that my pupils were two completely different sizes? Why have doctors always ignored the fact that I was blacking out and just mentioned that I should probably just drink more orange juice? Why has it taken 8 years to find a doctor that wanted to help me? Well, after about an hour of feeling sorry for myself, I snapped out of it because there was a great possibility that in just a few months I could live a normal life again. A few weeks later, I moved into a hotel room in Rhode Island and received treatment with Dr. Pedro twice a day, every single day for about 2 months. After leaving RI to head back to PA to start a new life, I was excited because I witnessed my test results were so much better than day 1, my pupils were the same size, and I felt better! I almost felt like a new person, but there was definitely still a hesitation because it all felt too good to be true. I believed in Dr. Pedro and I believed in his treatment, it was just the mental aspect that I now had to battle, and I did. As soon as I got back into my normal routine, things just felt right. I wasn’t having daily headaches, I could work out without getting dizzy or sick, and the best part: I could read for hours and hours without getting sick and feeling like I just ran a marathon. I am now currently enrolled at Temple University and I am getting the education that my brain injury once took away from me. Dr. Pedro gave me that incredible opportunity to live again… Tracy Yatsko

Patient, Post Concussion Syndrome

testimonial from the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference

David K. Johnson, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS, CAA

Conecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC)

I am very familiar with his [Dr. Pedro’s] current research work and I strongly believe that support to this project is essential and will contribute significantly to the field and to the school success of so many students who have been left far behind. CIT is a unique neurological treatment approach pioneered by the Principal Investigator [Dr. Pedro] of this project. The results of his research at the Kuss School in Fall River are very impressive because they point to the positive impact of this intervention in the lives of students who have experienced continuous school failure. In addition, the CIT approach adds great significance to the effective treatment of students with ADHD, Learning and Reading Disabilities, because it helps students overcome the main reasons why they don’t learn. In my professional opinion – Cortical Integrative Therapy (CIT) holds tremendous promise to the learning success of students with a history of academic failure across American Schools…

Dr. Maria B. Serpa, Professor

Director, M L Assessment Project | Co-Director, BECE Masters Program, Lesley University

The fact of the matter is I’ve had a long journey. I’ve seen so many doctors, and had so many surgeries and procedures. My journey would’ve been a lot shorter if I had known about Victor Pedro, DC, and Cortical Integrative Therapy sooner. (Full article in painpathways.org magazine.)

Paula Abdul

Only Dr. Pedro could tell us where in the brain the issue was and how he was going to fix it – he was going to treat the brain, not the symptom.  This gave us hope that no other doctor could.

Marcia Griffith

Parent, Post Concussion Syndrome

…his grades are better. He is more focused. His tics are gone (facial twitches and twitching his shoulders). His coordination, especially on his left side, has improved enormously, and he is no longer irritable…


Child with Dystonia, neurobehavioral disorder

We truly feel that you saved our daughter from struggling her whole life…


Child with neurobehavioral disorder

Sarah Jane Brain Project