Cara Griffith gives a TED talk describing the struggles on her personal journey to recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

In her TEDx talk, Cara Griffith shares her long  personal journey to recovery from traumatic brain injury and how she finally got the treatment she needed from a doctor ( Dr. Pedro) who took her injuries seriously.

Cara was told that she was…. forestalling her own recovery, in spite of her adherence to every medical, psychological and physical therapy and treatment offered to her. Her active life, once filled with friends, school, family time, music, reading and so much more became a lonely place as she withdrew from one activity after another due to her lingering health issues. She no longer attended school, socialized, played sports or any of the things she loved most – and the aspirations she held most dear became unattainable goals. Griffith was resigned to a life of pain and the inability to function in any capacity as she once had.


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