Who We Help

Millions of people suffer from persistent, severe pain or are forced to cope with ongoing health issues such as mobility, motor coordination, speech, balance, blurred vision, and other serious medical difficulties that prevent them from living the life they would like to live.  Some brain-based conditions are caused by injuries, such as concussions, traumatic brain injury, and RSD/CRPS,  while other brain-based disorders, such as many forms of movement or learning difficulties, are likely to be genetic.

Restoring Hope, One Patient at a Time

To address the needs of patients suffering from many of these incapacitating and complex health problems, Dr. Victor Pedro developed an innovative diagnostics/treatment approach, PEDROCIT®, which can be effective in treating a multitude of medical conditions and symptoms.

While PEDROCIT has been helpful in treating people suffering from a broad range of health problems, it is not a miracle cure and we cannot guarantee everyone will have a positive result.  Dr. Pedro and his team are careful to qualify each patient prior to the beginning of treatment.